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Monique Fahner-Harinck

Monique Fahner-Harinck


What I have on my heart is economic justice, and I love to convince, mobilize and inspire people so that together we can cooperate on inspired solutions that will bring lasting change and restoration in this area. I am trained in writing and qualitative research on subjects related to the relationship between the powerful and the poor. Central to my method of research is the puzzle or problem and the argument. I consider it very important to achieve a thorough argumentation based on logics, cohesion and relevance in order to achieve an accurate and complete answer to the problem.

My strength is the will and ability to improvise and the perseverance to come up with creative solutions in complex situations. On the one hand, I am always willing to learn and open for new ideas and information. My hunger for knowledge and wisdom is the fuel for my research. On the other hand, I have a strong drive to optimise results through analysing, evaluating and refining.

My highest productivity is when I am active in the area of my passion. When I know that what I do is restoring economic justice and will have lasting impact, I come to life. Especially when it is about new and innovative solutions that are touching the depths of the issue. I thrive in an environment where people dare to take risks and believe in positive change through creative thinking and creative solutions. Complexity and depth are the two vital ingredients that I need.


Holds a master degree in Political Science specialised in, among other things, international politics and international relations, international organisations, European government and integration, and comparitive politics. I did my study when I was in my thirties and graduated in 2009 at the age of 34. Before my study I worked with an insurance company and a bank. After my study, I worked in the inner city of The Hague as part of community building initiatives like outreaches to the homeless and isolated people and activities for children in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. I was also involved in programs supporting and ministering to prisoners and their families. During 2014 and 2015 I worked together with author Gea Gort on a book project called Business As Mission in a Dutch context. In October 2016 my husband Tiemen and I decided to start a new trading company called Lydia Trade. In September 2017 we started another company to cultivate transformational leadership called Lydia Connect.

Tiemen Fahner

Tiemen Fahner


As entrepreneur and transformational leader, I am passionate about people reaching their full potential and calling. My strength is building and optimising organisations, as well as bringing organisations together with the aim to simplify and optimise ways of working. I have in-depth experience at developing new products, concepts and services. One of my strongest assets is the ability to analyse and simplify complex issues and situations. My desire is to advance leaders who yearn to be real, doing the right thing, connected to their calling in life, storytellers with a heart and mind to change the world into a better place.

My highest productivity is when I lead and collaborate with teams to design, develop, and deliver new solutions. I thrive in an environment of intense and critical people, from different cultures, who are searching for holistic and ethical solutions. I flourish with large projects and programs requiring unusual performance and energy.


Holds a university degree in IT with further education in the areas of Business Management, Project / Programme Management and Organisational Development. I started my carreer in 1995 as consultant working for a consultancy firm called CMG. Shortly thereafter I became project manager working for Shell as contractor. In 2005 I joined Shell as staff, holding different positions as Senior Project Manager, Business Continuity Manager, Operations Manager, Service Manager, Lead Programme Manager and Senior Executive in the field of IT Services and Operations. In October 2016, my wife Monique and I decided to start a new trading company called Lydia Trade. In September 2017 we started Lydia Connect, a training and consultancy company to cultivate transformational leadership as we realised that transformation princples, concepts and ideas need new lifegiving leadership.

We enable equal access to the global market, value unique design and activate trendsetters. Our passion is rightful ownership and generational wealth.

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