The Lydia Approach

Equal access to the global market

For several communities in the world, economic activity and growth have stagnated because they are limited to domestic trade. The global marketplace seems inaccessible and the international trade system places their manufacturers at a distance by favouring powerful others. Manufacturers at a distance from the global market need reliable trade agents who defend their interests and create a strategic market position for them.

Lydia Trade takes on the role to represent these manufacturers. This representation is based on association, identifying with and acting on behalf of the manufacturer and their community. As an associated trade agent Lydia Trade enables manufacturers to establish and expand their brand on the global market and to distinguish themselves through excellent products with intentional design. As a result, wealth will be generated for their communities benefitting present and future generations.

Their products will not only be excellent and unique, but will also carry a story of hope and future.

You can read more about us at the page “Our Story”.